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Novy May

Passionate and Apologetic as required

Teresa Michele
25 September
I am a mixture of pink lemonade, knitting needles, and good intentions.
academia, anne bishop, anti-bush, aol instant messenger, art, b-sides, bare feet, barenaked ladies, being a girl, big cities, boobs, books, bookstores, boys, brand new socks, bright eyes, britain, canada, candles, candy, cats, chicago, chick lit, clouds, cold weather, colin firth, compact discs, computers, concerts, cooking, crafts, cranberry juice, creativity, cross-stitch, cultures, dead languages, dorks, douglas adams, dreams, eddie izzard, edna o'brien, fairly odd parents, family guy, fearless dreamers, fiction writing, foxtrot, garden state, gavin degraw, glasses, grammar, green eyes, grocery shopping, guitars, harry potter, heterochromia, high fidelity, historical fiction, history, hugh grant, ice cream, indecision, indie labels, individuality, intelligent conversation, internet, internet culture, jason mraz, jeff buckley, john cusack, john mayer, kissing, kitties, knitting, latin, learning, les miserables, liberalism, literature, liz phair, long hair, lord of the rings, mail, maroon 5, materia magica, megan mccafferty, minibar, misl, mix tapes, movies, music, nerds, nick hornby, obsessions, old 97's, paperback novels, pearls before swine, popular culture, psychology, public transportation, rain, rainbow sherbet, randomness, reading, religion, religious discussion, religious tolerance, renaissance festival, rent, rhett miller, road trips, robbie williams, sarcasm, scrubs, semisonic, singing, sleeping, snail mail, snow, soccer players, sociology, sound, st. louis botanical garden, stars on the ceiling, staying up late, storms, taco bell, talking, terry brooks, terry pratchett, the moon, the sims, thunderstorms, torrid clothing, vinyl, walks in the rain, words, writing, zach braff, ,